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Company Overview

Rescue Air Systems is the world’s leading provider of firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS).

A FARS is a building-installed air standpipe system that allows firefighters to refill their air bottles inside a structure during a fire or any emergency where air quality is compromised.

Just as water standpipes in buildings provide ready access to water, FARS provides firefighters with quick access to a constant, safe, and reliable source of breathing air. And just as water standpipes and hoses replaced hand buckets as a delivery system, FARS replaces the bottle brigade of firefighters who hand-carry replacement air bottles up dozens of flights of stairs and bring the empty bottles down for refilling.

At a typical FARS fill station, a firefighter can replenish the air in his or her air bottle in less than two minutes under full respiration. It is the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to provide life-saving air.

In 2006, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) amended its Uniform Plumbing Code to include a requirement for FARS in buildings over 75 feet tall. In 2015 the International Code Committee (ICC) approved adding FARS to the International Fire Code (Appendix L).  And in 2018, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) added FARS to NFPA-1. Find the codes below:

Appendix L of the 2021 ICC International Fire Code

Appendix F of the 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code

The 2018 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-1)

Anthony J. Turiello

Founder and CEO, Rescue Air Systems

Anthony Turiello is the founder and chief executive officer at Rescue Air Systems, Inc., the originator and leading provider of FARS. Prior to founding the company in 1993, he was a 30-year veteran of the design and construction industry. He went on to become a field supervisor for one of the largest design/build contractors in Northern California and later started his own contracting firm, enjoying a decade of success in the commercial industry. He holds multiple U.S. patents and currently has eight U.S. and foreign patent applications filed and pending approval with the USPTO. He is considered the industry expert on FARS both nationally and internationally, and has worked with scores of fire departments, municipalities, architectural firms, contractors, and builders to make structures safer.


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