Rescue Air is now part of Johnson Controls.

Our Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) join a broad portfolio of fire protection products and help achieve the Johnson Controls mission to be the industry's most trusted source for the best, most complete fire protection systems offering. With FARS we help make cities safer with a standpipe for air designed to deliver a safe, instant, constant supply of air replenishment in large structures during a fire or other emergency.

Structures Served by FARS

Mid- and High-Rise Buildings

FARS are applicable in mid- and high-rise buildings of five floors or more where the delivery of air to firefighters presents significant logistical challenges. The system makes ground air management…

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Large Horizontal Structures

Large horizontal structures, such as big box retail stores, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, present unique logistical and safety challenges when it comes to providing air replenishment to firefighters. Typically, these…

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Tunnel systems are enclosed areas that become packed with people at predictable times during the day, like during rush hour. Air currents above ground, as well as those generated by…

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Marine Craft

Large marine vessels, such as cruise ships, cargo ships, submarines, and large naval craft, are floating versions of mid-rise buildings and large horizontal structures. They present extreme logistical challenges for…

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We’ve designed and built Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems for buildings in 21 states across the U.S. and in Canada.

Rescue Air Systems specializes in the design and engineering of firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS). FARS are a standpipe for air permanently installed within a building. They deliver a safe, instant, and constant supply of air replenishment to firefighters in large structures during a fire or any emergency where air quality is compromised. Without access to breathing air, firefighters cannot survive in toxic, smoky environments.

FARS are the future of building-installed firefighter health and safety systems. FARS allows firefighters to refill air bottles quickly and under full respiration. The systems are intended to refill air bottles within two minutes allowing more time for fire attack, search and rescue, and other life-saving tasks. Access to constant air replenishment greatly reduces their risk of exposure to the toxic effects of fire smoke.

Code Standards for FARS

Buildings in 21 states and Canada are equipped with FARS, and FARS are required in more than 100 jurisdictions across the country.  Every year, more cities add this requirement to their fire codes.

You can find codes covering FARS here:

2021 ICC International Fire Code Appendix L

2018 Uniform Plumbing Code Appendix F

2018 National Fire Protection Association NFPA-1

We collaborate with the best and the brightest.

We work with the nation's leading architects, engineers and builders to meet FARS code requirements and equip large structures with these systems. We also have a network of certified installers throughout the country who install our systems in buildings in their local geographic areas.

A firefighter air system on the outside wall of a tall building

View a partial list of cities with Rescue Air Systems.

We've installed firefighter air replenishment systems in 21 states across the U.S.


Some Success Stories

42-Story Tower: The Tallest in Bellevue, WA

RescueAir worked with University Mechanical to make the tallest building in Bellevue, WA one of the safest.  Bellevue, WA is a suburb of Seattle and the third largest city in…

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Twelve Cowboys Way in Frisco, TX

Twelve Cowboys Way Luxury Community

RescueAir helped the Twelve Cowboys Way luxury community shine as a safety star. The Star is the 91-acre campus of the Dallas Cowboys world headquarters and practice facility in Frisco,…

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Montral RAS

Iconic Montreal Olympic Tower Retrofit

Un grand succès: Iconic Montreal Olympic Tower is the first building in Canada equipped with FARS. When it opened in 1987, the Montreal Tower was heralded as an architectural and engineering…

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