Designed to provide a safe, instant, ready supply of life-sustaining air replenishment for firefighters deep inside a tunnel.

In a smoky environment, fighters can follow their hose lines to the standpipe systems and access air replenishment.

Reduces the risk of a firefighter becoming lost, disoriented, and out of air.

Tunnel systems are enclosed areas that become packed with people at predictable times during the day, like during rush hour. Air currents above ground, as well as those generated by the movement of cars or trains through the structure, accelerate the spread of smoke or gases through the tunnel and up to street level through the ventilation system, exposing many people to toxic fumes. This presents significant challenges in a fire emergency, but in any kind of incident in which air quality is compromised.

San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority Subway Station

RescueAir worked with the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority to keep the City moving safely. The San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority (SFMTA) is the City’s mobility manager, responsible for the operation of the entire surface transportation network of San Francisco. SFMTA currently oversees the design and construction of the new Central Subway line, a $1.6…

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