We support FARS education and training.

We provide on-site training for local fire departments after every FARS system is commissioned.

We offer numerous education and training resources listed below.

FARS Education and Training

FARS are compatible with standard equipment used throughout the fire service. We provide free on-site training to local fire departments as part of every RescueAir FARS installation.

We also offer educational and training materials with detailed information about our products and their proper use, the code adoption process, air management and replenishment, as well as techniques to identify and address fire safety issues related to environments that are immediately dangerous to life and health.

These materials are available at no cost. Contact us to learn more, or browse the sampling of educational videos, articles, and workbooks below.

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For more FARS information, including fire service research, education, training, and FARS code resources, please visit the Firefighter Air Coalition's FARS page.