Thumbs up for RescueAir. Twice!

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We got a big thumbs up from the McKinney (TX) Fire Department following the commissioning of a RescueAir FARS system for the Cole Park Apartments project. This is a large-scale 5-story luxury apartment building with more than 550,000 square feet the kind of structure that makes the manual delivery of air replenishment to firefighters very challenging. And if that wasn’t gratifying enough, we got a second thumbs up from Chad Stone, Project Manager at Westwood Residential West. We contracted with their building subdivision, Westwood Builders, on the project. “I really do appreciate your patience helping us understand and work through all the questions I had along the way,” he said. “Your team did an excellent job in getting us where we ultimately needed to be.” Westwood operates in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Washington State, and has developed or acquired more than 50,000 multi-family units. With a FARS system available, the Cole Park Apartment building is among the safest in the region for residents and first responders. Stay safe, y’all!

Learn More About FARS

Please check out this short video describing how FARS works.