Independence Financial Headquarters McKinney, TX

Independence Financial, McKinney TX

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It’s always gratifying to be part of a project that has a major positive impact on a community. Phase two of Independence Financial’s headquarters in McKinney, TX is that kind of project. This six-story 198,000 square-foot building will more than double the company’s existing presence at McKinney Corporate Center Ranch, allowing the company to continue to expand its workforce and provide an economic boost to the city of McKinney, one of North Texas’ fastest-growing communities. The cost of Phase Two is estimated at $59.5 million, for a total investment of $112 million in the two buildings. RescueAir will design and manufacture the building’s FARS. Texas-based TDIndustries will handle the installation. Construction is scheduled to finish in 2022.

Learn More About FARS

Please check out this short video describing how FARS works.