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Frisco Fire Department is First in Texas to Use FARS in a Working High-Rise Fire

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We got some exciting news out of Texas: The Frisco Fire Department made history recently, becoming the first fire department in the state to use a Firefighter Air Replenishment System in a working high-rise fire — and it was a RescueAir system. The fire occurred on May 16 on the 12th floor of the Twelve Cowboys Way apartment building, a luxury residential high-rise built in 2019. Fire attack crews accessed a FARS fill station on the 11th floor to quickly refill their second air bottles. According to Captain Raul Esquibel, “The system was easy to work with. You connect the hose and turn the valve to operate. The bottles filled quickly with minimal heat transferred. It was very simple and straightforward to use, no issues. The system operated well.” Most important, there were no injuries. Read more here:

Learn More About FARS

Please check out this short video describing how FARS works.