RescueAir takes a master builder approach to each project.

Our Total Project Approach

RescueAir takes a master builder approach to each project, providing a comprehensive range of services to general contractors. From design/build services through testing and commissioning support, no other FARS provider offers the same level of expertise, support, and professionalism as RescueAir.

Design/Build Services

When you contract with us for design and construction services, you get a single point-of-responsibility that minimizes risk for the project owner and shortens the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases.

Our total project approach to every job ensures that FARS is fully integrated into the building process as well as into the building itself. We offer a full suite of services to assist in all phases of the project, from code assessment to design consulting to certification of the system. We also offer a national network of certified installers who license our technology and bid competitively on projects in their geographic areas.