Independence Financial Headquarters

Independence Financial Headquarters McKinney, TX

It’s always gratifying to be part of a project that has a major positive impact on a community. Phase two of Independence Financial’s headquarters in McKinney, TX is that kind of project. This six-story 198,000 square-foot building will more than double the company’s existing presence at McKinney Corporate Center Ranch, allowing the company to continue…

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RAS CEO Anthony Turiello to Join NFPA 1989 Sub Task Group on FARS

NFPA 1989 Logo

RescueAir CEO Anthony Turiello has been invited to participate on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1989 Committee’s Sub Task Group.  He’ll join air management experts from the fire service and representatives from the fire service breathing air  industry. The objective of the group is to create a free-standing section specifically addressing FARS. NFPA 1989 is the standard for breathing…

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