RescueAir works with San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority to keep the city moving safely.

The San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority (SFMTA) is the City’s mobility manager, responsible for the operation of the entire surface transportation network of San Francisco.

SFMTA is currently overseeing the design and construction of the new Central Subway line, a $1.6 billion project that will extend the Third Street Light Rail line 1.7 miles into the City’s most densely developed areas – the Financial District and Chinatown. The project includes three new light rail stations, and is targeted for completion in 2021.

As with any public works project, cost is a major concern. SFMTA is responsible for delivering the most cost-effective design possible, while meeting all code requirements. Since these new stations would be the first in San Francisco to be equipped with firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS), SFMTA had no context for budget or design of this important life safety feature.

SFMTA came to RescueAir for design consulting on FARS for the three new stations. The goal was to ensure that the FARS system in each station was fully specified, cost-effective, and could be seamlessly integrated into the design of the stations.

RescueAir consulted on the development of the design documents for all three stations.  The designs provide the most cost-effective systems possible, they meet all applicable codes, and they have no negative impact on station design or functionality.