RescueAir Donates Emergency Air Replenishment System to Tempe Fire Training Center

By: City of Tempe, AZ
Published 11/28/2014
TEMPE, Ariz –  To help Tempe’s emergency responders fight fires in high rises, RescueAir is donating a firefighter air replenishment system (FARS) worth $45,000 to Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department. The system is to be installed at the Tempe Fire Training Center, 1340 E. University Dr., Tempe.

Fighting fires in high rise office buildings and condominiums differs greatly from fighting fires in single story homes and businesses. To be ready in the event of an emergency, Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department trains its crews on all types of buildings using many specialized pieces of equipment, such as the firefighter air replenishment system.

A firefighter air replenishment system is a permanently installed air replenishmentsystem that is part of a high rise structure. It allows firefighters to refill their air tanks inside a structure during a fire or any emergency where air quality is compromised. It provides firefighters with quick access to a constant, safe and reliable source of breathing air throughout complex structures such as high-rise buildings, large horizontal structures and tunnel systems. At a typical fill station, a firefighter can replenish the air in his or her air tank in under a minute.

FARS eliminates the need for highly trained firefighters to hand-carry large numbers of air cylinders   from staging areas to a mobile air truck and back again.  Well-trained firefighters using a FARS can extinguish fires much faster with a lower risk of injury or property damage. 

”Tempe is a very forward-looking city, and the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department was an early adopter of FARS technology,” said Anthony Turiello, CEO of RescueAir Systems.  ““We’re pleased to be in a position to donate one of our systems to the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department and partner with them on a program that will save lives and make Tempe’s buildings among the safest in the world.  Like our friends in the fire service, saving lives is not just a business for us.  It’s a mission.”

FARS are required in all new high-rise construction in Tempe, and the technology has just been added to the 2015 International Fire Code.

”Keeping Tempe’s residents, workers and emergency responders safe is our top priority,” Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell said. “We want to thank RescueAir for donating this system so firefighters throughout the Valley can train on it. This donation may save lives.”

FARS industry leader RescueAir Systems, Inc. of San Carlos, CA  has partnered with local certified Arizona installers, including Comfort Systems USA, Western States Fire Protection Company and University Mechanical to provide  FARS systems in high-rise buildings throughout Tempe and Arizona. RescueAir will also donate regular testing, certification and maintenance of the system as part of its commitment to support firefighter training on FARS.

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