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A firefighter air replenishment system (FARS) is a building-installed air standpipe system that allows firefighters to refill their air tanks inside a structure during a fire or any emergency where air quality is compromised. Just as water standpipes in buildings provide ready access to water, FARS provides firefighters with quick access to a constant, safe and reliable source of breathing air. At a typical fill station, a firefighter can replenish the air in his or her air tank within one minute.


A firefighter air replenishment system (FARS) is analogous to a water standpipe, except it delivers air. Just like hand buckets were replaced with water standpipes and hoses, FARS replaces the “bottle brigade” of firefighters who hand-carry air cylinders up dozens of flights of stairs and back down again. It is a faster, safer, and more reliable way to provide life-saving air.

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About RescueAir:

Anthony Turiello – President and CEO

Anthony Turiello is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Rescue Air Systems, Inc., the originator and leading provider of FARS. Prior to founding the company in 1993, he was a 30-year veteran of the design and construction industry. He went on to become a field supervisor for one of the largest design/build contractors in Northern California and later started his own contracting firm, enjoying a decade of success in commercial industry. He holds multiple U.S. patents and currently has eight U.S. and foreign patent applications filed and pending approval with the USPTO. He is considered the industry expert on FARS both nationally and internationally, and has worked with scores of fire departments, municipalities, architectural firms, contractors and builders. (high-res image)

Experts Available for Comment:

Ronny J. Coleman – Fire Chief

Ronny J. Coleman is a 50-year veteran of the fire service. He is the Past President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the Fire & Emergency Television Network, which features career development and succession planning in its Command Transfer series. He served as the Fire Chief in Fullerton and San Clemente, CA, and was the Fire Marshal of the State of California from 1992 to 1999. He is a certified fire chief and a master instructor in the California Fire Service Training and Education System. A Companion Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers, he has an associate’s degree in fire science, a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in vocational education. In 2014, Chief Coleman received the Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement award from Fire Engineering. In 2015 he was awarded the International Public Safety Leadership & Ethics Institute Honors Award. (high-res image)

Mario Trevino – Fire Chief

Mario Trevino is a 30+ year veteran of the fire service.  He served with the Seattle Fire Department for 24 years, rising to the rank of Deputy Fire Chief, before serving as Fire Chief in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Bellevue, WA. He is a past president of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association, a member for the International Association of Fire Chiefs and an advisory board member for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.  Chief Trevino is a former “smoke eater,” who, at the beginning of his career, frequently fought fires without breathing apparatus.  In 2008, he was diagnosed with stage-four throat cancer, which he survived after aggressive chemotherapy treatment. Under his leadership, San Francisco was one of the first cities in the country to adopt a code requiring FARS. (high-res image)

Jack J. Murphy – Fire Service Instructor

J Murphy portrait

Jack J. Murphy is a 30+ year veteran of the fire service and the principal official of JJM & Associates, LLC. He is the retired fire marshal and former deputy chief of the Leonia, NJ Fire Department and a certified State of New Jersey Fire Official/Fire Inspector. He has been involved with codes for more than 25 years and served for two-and-a-half years on the New York City Model ICC Building and Fire Codes Program. He is the New Jersey State Deputy Fire Coordinator (Bergen Region), the vice-chairman of the Fire Safety Directors Association (New York City), and a member of the National Fire Protection Association committees for High-Rise Building Safety and Pre-Incident Planning. He also is an editorial advisory board member of Fire Engineering magazine. He has been a fire service instructor for more than 25 years,

In 2002, Murphy was honored with the Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award. (high-res image)


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