RescueAir pioneered firefighter air replenishment systems and continues to innovate FARS technology. Our systems are built on a foundation of state-of-the-art health and safety features and deliver a 21st century solution to firefighters who must meet the challenge of air delivery while fighting fires in structures that are higher, larger, and more complex than ever before.

Over the past twenty years, RescueAir firmly established its place as the global market leader in this industry. We continually refined emergency breathing air technology and streamlined the installation process, developing a portfolio of firefighter air replenishment systems and products that optimize the benefits of an air system while minimizing its cost.

As word of this new technology spread across the United States, numerous jurisdictions amended their building codes to require installation of FARS.

In 2006 the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) amended its Uniform Plumbing Code to include a requirement for FARS in buildings higher than 75 feet. In 2015 the International Code Committee (ICC) approved the addition of FARS to the International Fire Code (Appendix L). And in 2018 the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) added FARS to NFPA1.

These actions set Rescue Air Systems on a course of explosive growth, as 19 states and thousands of municipalities began requiring the system. To keep pace with demand, RescueAir built a network of certified installers and began licensing its FARS technology.

19 states now have buildings equipped with FARS, and they are required in more than 100 jurisdictions across the country. High profile projects include Infinity Towers in San Francisco; the Montreal Olympic Tower in Montreal, Canada; the San Jose Civic Center in San Jose, CA; the Department of Justice building in Sacramento, CA; the PeaceHealth Medical Center in Springfield, OR; the Arizona Public Service headquarters in Phoenix, AZ; and the Promenade Condominium project in Boynton Beach, FL.

Additionally, RescueAir systems have been integrated into the training facilities of a number of fire departments and fire service academies, including the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI) at the University of Maryland, the Glendale (AZ) Regional Training Facility, and the training facility of the Phoenix Fire Department.