Sunnyvale, CA – To help Sunnyvale’s emergency responders fight fires in large buildings like high- and mid-rises and big box-style structures, Rescue Air Systems of San Carlos, CA has donated a firefighter air replenishment system (FARS) to the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety (DPS). The system was installed at the DPS Training Center at Sunnyvale Fire Station #2, located at 795 E. Arques Avenue. It will allow firefighters to train on this important life safety system, which Sunnyvale requires in new high-rise construction. The donation is valued at $45,000.

Fighting fires in large, complex

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DECEMBER 21, 2015 — Three months ago, Rescue Air Systems, Inc., the industry leader in firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) pledged to donate a percentage of proceeds from every new FARS projects to the Fire Smoke Coalition (FSC). This week, the FSC received its first check, in the amount $2,400.00.

“FSC is honored to partner with Rescue Air Systems in its ongoing mission to provide firefighters with life-saving technology as it relates to air management. Understanding the absolute necessity to prevent firefighters from the exposure to fire smoke

November 20, 2015 — Branson, MO, Midland, TX and Rogers, AR are the latest cities to adopt Appendix L of the 2015 ICC International Fire Code, and will now require firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) in mid- and high-rise construction. Branson will also require the system in large horizontal structures.

A FARS is a building-installed standpipe for air, delivering a safe, reliable, constant supply of breathing air when and where firefighters need it most. Firefighters can safely refill their air bottles while under full respiration in an IDLH environment at stations located throughout a

September 8, 2015 — SimplexGrinnell, A Tyco International company, was awarded two major FARS projects in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area: Encore on First West Phase II in Mesa and the Luhrs City Center Marriott in downtown Phoenix. Both cities have codes that require FARS in new high-rise construction.

Encore on First West is a transit-oriented apartment community targeted to independent seniors age 55+.  Located in downtown Mesa at 47 West 1st Avenue, the development follows the successful Encore on First community that opened in January 2013 with 81 units. The expansion phase

Indianapolis, IN, September 2, 2015 — Rescue Air Systems, Inc., the industry leader in firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) will donate a portion of proceeds from every new FARS project to support the efforts of the Fire Smoke Coalition (FSC), the FSC announced today.
A FARS is a building-installed air standpipe system that allows firefighters to refill their air cylinders inside a complex structure such as a high-rise, mid-rise, tunnel or large horizontal structure during a fire or any emergency where air quality is compromised. Just as water standpipes in

Webcor Builders has tapped Rescue Air Systems of San Carlos, CA to design and build a FARS system for San Francisco’s new Transbay Transit Center.

This 1 million square foot project has been described as the “Grand Central of the West.” It is the largest approved public transportation project in the country at $4 billion.

The Transbay Transit Center will replace the Transbay Terminal at First and Mission Streets in San Francisco with a modern regional transit hub connecting eight Bay Area counties and the State of California through nine transit systems: AC Transit,

RescueAir Systems, the industry leader in firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) technology, is partnering with the Fire Smoke Coalition to present three one-day training sessions, “Know Your Smoke: The Dangers of Fire Smoke.” These events are free to firefighters and EMS personnel

Fire Smoke Coalition (FSC), a division of the Cyanide Poisoning Treatment Coalition, is a non-profit organization focused on bringing attention and resources to the deadly and life-long consequences of breathing fire smoke by teaching firefighters and first responders how to prevent, protect, detect, diagnose and appropriately treat the exposure if it occurs.  The FSC

The fire service must define and advocate the need for a cultural change relating to safety, incorporating leadership, management, supervision, accountability and personal responsibility.

Personal and organizational accountability for health and safety should be enhanced throughout the fire service, including academy-level training on health and safety.

Greater attention must be focused on the integration of risk management with incident management at all levels, including strategic, tactical and planning responsibilities.

Available technology should be utilized wherever it can produce higher levels of health and safety. This means embracing technology at the local level, and

By: City of Tempe, AZ Published 11/28/2014 TEMPE, Ariz –  To help Tempe’s emergency responders fight fires in high rises, RescueAir is donating a firefighter air replenishment system (FARS) worth $45,000 to Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department. The system is to be installed at the Tempe Fire Training Center, 1340 E. University Dr., Tempe.

Fighting fires in high rise office buildings and condominiums differs greatly from fighting fires in single story homes and businesses. To be ready in the event of an emergency, Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department trains its crews on


As high-rise residential and commercial development becomes more common in Tempe, the city’s fire department has needed to supplement its equipment to better fight fires in tall buildings.

The Tempe Fire Training Center was updated in May with a firefighter air-replenishment system, Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department Chief Greg Ruiz said. The system was donated by RescueAir, a California-based company.

Firefighters demonstrated the system on Tuesday and thanked RescueAir for donating the $45,000 equipment.

The system, also known as FARS, eliminates the need for ground support to supply replacement air tanks to firefighters on higher