Large horizontal structures, such as “big box” retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing plants, present unique logistical and safety challenges when it comes to providing air replenishment to firefighters. Typically, these are non-compartmentalized structures, which allow smoke to spread very quickly. They often are built with a minimum of entry/exit points, making it difficult for emergency crews to find their way to safety when they are low on air.

Because of these logistical and safety challenges, FARS in large horizontal structures are configured for the emergency air fill panel method.

A continuous source of air is supplied to the FARS through secure, monitored air connection panels located on the exterior of the building. The fire department’s mobile air unit connects to the system via these panels and provides a constant supply of air.

An onsite air storage system provides first-in crews with immediate and sustained on-demand air refill capacity ranging from 50 SCBA to 250 SCBA refills prior to the arrival of the department’s mobile air unit. The built-in air monitoring system provides real time 24/7 monitoring of the systems air quality.

Fire rated refill panels are located at every point in the building where there is a standpipe connection.

The interior air fill panel utilizes the RIC UAC fitting and allows firefighters to refill their air cylinders under full SCBA respiration. Firefighters simply attach a quick fill connection from the fire rated air panel to their SCBA. These interior air fill panels allow for at least two cylinders to be filled simultaneously.

The system allows for a ready, continuous, safe supply of breathing air to firefighters and other emergency responders throughout the structure.