RescueAir is the industry leader in FARS because it provides a comprehensive range of services to General Contractors. From design/build services through testing and commissioning support, no other FARS provider can offer you the same level of expertise, support, and professionalism as RescueAir.

Design/Build Services

RescueAir takes a “master builder” approach to each project. When you contract with us for design and construction services, you get a single point-of-responsibility that minimizes risk for the project owner, and shortens the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases.


RescueAir licenses its technology to certified installers throughout the United States. By licensing our technology to these contractors, we allow you to get the best quality system at the lowest possible cost. For a list of installers in your area, please contact us .

Value Engineering

As the most experienced FARS design company in the world, RescueAir can provide value-engineered system solutions for a wide range of building types, including retrofits and new construction of high-rises, tunnel systems, and large horizontal structures. We are experts at meeting all code requirements in the most cost-effective way.

Rough Order Of Magnitude (ROM) Pricing & Budgeting

We can provide ROM pricing for your FARS project, or we can develop detailed budgets based on code requirements, building plans, and aesthetic and structural considerations.

Testing & Commissioning Support

RescueAir staff will be on-site for third-party testing and commissioning, so you can rest assured that the FARS system will be commissioned on schedule.

Site Review & Inspections

Our staff can provide support during site reviews and inspections, offering technical expertise and system demonstrations when needed.