Fire Smoke Coalition To Receive Proceeds From All New Installations of Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS)

cptc-logo_smallIndianapolis, IN, September 2, 2015 — Rescue Air Systems, Inc., the industry leader in firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) will donate a portion of proceeds from every new FARS project to support the efforts of the Fire Smoke Coalition (FSC), the FSC announced today.
A FARS is a building-installed air standpipe system that allows firefighters to refill their air cylinders inside a complex structure such as a high-rise, mid-rise, tunnel or large horizontal structure during a fire or any emergency where air quality is compromised. Just as water standpipes in buildings provide ready access to water, FARS provides firefighters with quick access to a constant, safe and reliable source of breathing air. At a typical fill station, a firefighter can replenish the air in his or her air cylinder within one minute, greatly reducing the chance of exposure to smoke and other toxic materials.

The Fire Smoke Coalition (FSC) is a non-profit organization focused on bringing attention and resources to the deadly and life-long consequences of breathing fire smoke by teaching firefighters and first responders how to prevent, protect, detect, diagnose and appropriately treat the exposure if it occurs.  The FSC is comprised of firefighters and members of the medical community, all of whom embrace the challenge of teaching firefighters how to stay alive and prevent the disease, illness and death associated with today’s deadly fire smoke.

FARS were developed in the 1990s and gained acceptance with progressive fire departments in the mid-2000s, many of which added FARS requirements to their local fire codes. After a rigorous vetting process, FARS was added to the 2015 ICC International Fire Code (IFC) under Appendix L.

According to RescueAir President and CEO Anthony Turiello, the new FARS code was the impetus for expanding the company’s support of health and safety organizations within the fire service.

“Now that FARS is a part of the 2015 International Fire Code, we expect FARS to become part of standard operating procedures for firefighter health and safety in high-rise buildings, mid-rise buildings, large horizontal structures and tunnel systems,” Turiello said. “The time is right for members of the FARS industry to step up and give back to organizations whose missions align with ours. We could think of no better partner than the Fire Smoke Coalition.”

Jason Krusen, President and Instructor for the Fire Smoke Coalition, stated, “We are fortunate to have the support of RescueAir. Without the support of such companies, we would not be able to champion this cause and educate responders nationwide on the dangers of fire smoke, and more importantly, how to prevent smoke exposures through improved methods and use of technology that allows firefighters to their job with greater safety and efficiency.” 


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