RescueAir licenses its proprietary technology to certified installers throughout the United States. These installers bid competitively on jobs in their geographic areas. Each certified installer has been qualified and trained by RescueAir and provides outstanding service and performance. For a list of installers in your area, please contact us.

Become an Installer

RescueAir certified installers receive immediate access to our patented trade secrets, means, methods and know-how. We have invested more than 20 years in developing and perfecting our patented FARS technology. By licensing our technology, you will be instantly qualified to participate in the FARS industry.

In addition to qualification and training programs for RescueAir installers, we provide the following support services:

  • Code Assessment
  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Design and Permit Docs
  • Code Specifications

To apply to become a RescueAir certified installer, please email us at: info@rescueair.com or fill out the contact form here.