RescueAir is an integral part of effective and efficient building management and safety. We perform critical FARS testing, certification, maintenance, and monitoring services that verify the performance of your building’s system and keep you compliant with local regulations and requirements. And we guarantee our results.

Development of Compliance Programs

We’ll turn action items into a comprehensive compliance program, complete with scheduling and budget.

Assessment of Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Requirements

RescueAir will review the testing, certification, maintenance, and monitoring requirements of the authority having jurisdiction, and identify action needed for the building management to remain compliant.

24/7 Monitoring via Remote

RescueAir now offers web-enabled 24/7 air pressure monitoring. This air management technology allows us to immediately detect any change in pressure and address the issue promptly. Remote monitoring meets all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements. It also reduces your testing and certification costs, because your FARS system can be tested on-site annually rather than quarterly.

Liability Insurance

RescueAir carries significant liability insurance. Building owners and management companies are relieved of the burden of liability for a FARS system once they’ve contracted with RescueAir for testing, certification, maintenance, and monitoring.