By: City of Tempe, AZ Published 11/28/2014 TEMPE, Ariz –  To help Tempe’s emergency responders fight fires in high rises, RescueAir is donating a firefighter air replenishment system (FARS) worth $45,000 to Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department. The system is to be installed at the Tempe Fire Training Center, 1340 E. University Dr., Tempe.

Fighting fires in high rise office buildings and condominiums differs greatly from fighting fires in single story homes and businesses. To be ready in the event of an emergency, Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department trains its crews on


As high-rise residential and commercial development becomes more common in Tempe, the city’s fire department has needed to supplement its equipment to better fight fires in tall buildings.

The Tempe Fire Training Center was updated in May with a firefighter air-replenishment system, Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department Chief Greg Ruiz said. The system was donated by RescueAir, a California-based company.

Firefighters demonstrated the system on Tuesday and thanked RescueAir for donating the $45,000 equipment.

The system, also known as FARS, eliminates the need for ground support to supply replacement air tanks to firefighters on higher