A new era of safer structures is here.

RescueAir offers the world’s first built-in firefighter air replenishment system (FARS). It can save lives and property in the crucial moments of a fire or other disaster. If you are responsible for the design, development, occupancy or protection of high-rise buildings and other complex structures such as tunnel systems and large horizontal structures, RescueAir can help you build a legacy of safety.


FARS added to 2015 International Fire Code

A FARS is a standpipe for air, delivering a safe, reliable, constant supply of breathing air when and where firefighters need it most. Firefighters can safely refill their air bottles under full respiration in an IDLH environment at stations located throughout a structure, making ground air management achievable in mid- and high-rise buildings. FARS are also applicable in large horizontal structures like "big box" retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, as well as tunnel systems and large marine craft.

No other method of air delivery can match FARS for the speed, volume and reliability with which air can be delivered to firefighters inside a structure.

FARS works with standard equipment used in almost every jurisdiction, and because it is a building-installed system, it has no negative impact on department budgets.

To learn more about how FARS works in specific types of structures, click on the links below:

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